Prithu Goswami

I love to build things and design solutions to problems. Interested in *nix, infrastructure, cloud native, networking and info-sec. You can find my resume here.

Some of my works

Auto Movie Tagger

A small python script that auto tags movie files. It fetches movie information and poster from imdb and tmdb.


A simple web app written using python flask framework. A user can search for movies and also add them to their favorites list.


These are just my linux config files that I use on my Arch Linux machine. I just wanted to fill this space a little xD.

I also write about stuff

Using server-side git hooks to auto publish blog posts

Git hooks are great to automate your software development workflow. They can be used to implement CI/CD …

The beauty of Unix pipelines

Some examples of using unix tools in a pipeline

The joys of using configurable programs like vim and i3

I go through how i3 and vim can be used to setup a custom workspace for working with NS (network simulator) and Nam (network animator)

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