Hi, I’m Prithu Goswami. I currently work as a backend engineer and am interested in *nix, Infrastructure, Cloud-native and Security. I also enjoy reading on my free time—mostly philosophy, science, engineering, economics, and occasionally fiction too.

You can send me a mail at [email protected] and can find my résumé here. On Github I am @prithugoswami

Latest posts

Debugging dwm to fix an annoying bug

Going through the source code of dwm written in C and debugging it using gdb to fix an annoying issue.

17 Feb 2024

RPi server behind VPS using wireguard and iptables NAT

Documenting the process of setting up wireguard on a VPS and forwarding traffic to a host on the private network using iptables

1 Feb 2023

Using server-side git hooks to auto publish blog posts

Setting up a server side git hook to automatically build this hugo site which is then served by nginx

28 Oct 2020

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