Hi, I’m Prithu Goswami. I currently work as a backend engineer and am interested in *nix, Infrastructure, Cloud-native and Security. I am also interested in philosophy—mainly eastern philosophy, particularly Advaita Vedanta.

You can send me a mail at [email protected] and can find my résumé here. On Github I am @prithugoswami

Latest posts

RPi server behind VPS using wireguard and iptables NAT

Documenting the process of setting up wireguard on a VPS and forwarding traffic to a host on the private network using iptables

1 Feb 2023

Using server-side git hooks to auto publish blog posts

Setting up a server side git hook to automatically build this hugo site which is then served by nginx

28 Oct 2020

The beauty of Unix pipelines

Some examples of using unix tools in a pipeline

2 Feb 2020

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